Hess Winery: Go for the Wine, Stay for the Art

It hardly requires introduction: Napa Valley is a well-known destination among elite destinations for wine lovers around the globe. With a plethora of options to choose from,
there are several enticing and exciting reasons to ensure that The Hess Collection is not missed during your Napa stay. Let’s look at the top 4 reasons Hess is added to your
reservation list when booking Napa Valley winery tastings.


  1. The Museum

The Hess Art Collection is a privately acquired lot that has recently been curated for the enjoyment of wine enthusiasts who flock to the site. It’s open to the public free of admission, and patrons can opt-in for an in-depth Museum Walk (worth it) for $35. This is a perfect way to spend time either post-tasting, or pre-tasting; it all depends on your preference. We wanted to allow time to explore the wines without feeling rushed, and so opted for the tour first so as not to be on a time table for wine tasting.

  1. The Food

Executive Chef Chad Hendrickson offers a specialized Tour of the Palate program for patrons, where he merges culinary knowledge with artistry, providing an experience that visitors will regale for years to come. The seasonal recipes are made with local organic and sustainably-grown foods, which is paired artfully with Hess Wines.  With the ambiance of the courtyard, vine-covered building, and rolling vineyard views, there is nothing missed with this luxe option.

  1. The People

It is a rarity in our modern era to discover people who are entuned with us. Oftentimes, our society produces those who are distracted, distant, and too impressed with themselves to assist with the experiences of others. Hess Winery’s employees, from bartenders to gift shop clerks, are eager to assist, genuinely care about your opinion, and excited to share their knowledge. THAT is refreshment … along with the stars of the show…

  1. The Wine

Obviously! Crisp and fruity, bright and bold, or smooth and smoky, you will find what your palate is craving at the world-renowned Hess winery. The vintage is delicately crafted at Hess, and easily ranks with le meilleur des meilleurs of Napa Valley. Gratefully, The Hess Collection  was spared from the devastating fires that ravaged much of the Napa Valley in 2017, and we are thankful this sustainability-friendly, downright decadent favorite continues to produce the wine we love.

I hope that I have successfully peaked your interest in The Hess Collection, and am excited (and a bit jealous) for your upcoming Napa visit. I absolutely loved our time there, and am confident you will, as well. Please post any photos or tales of your visit. We’d love to see and hear what marvels you experience, and which await others.

                – Victoria

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